The Telluride Manufacturing Project began as an internally funded R&D project based on extending Ripple, a model for transient, two-dimensional flows of incompressible fluid with surface tension on free surfaces of general shape, to three dimensions in 1994. In 1996, the ASCI (now ASC) program began supporting Telluride. Three years later, Telluride produced its first public release of TRUCHAS (spanish for trout and the name of a local mountain peak, hence the logo).

The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) ASC sponsored Telluride Project is currently developing TRUCHAS to provide an effective tool for simulating manufacturing processes of interest to the nuclear weapon program. At the same time, we hope to provide a multi-physics computational platform that will be useful for a wider range of simulations that involve materials and/or incompressible flow with multiple fluid interfaces.

The most significant features of TRUCHAS include the ability to deal with unstructured grids and many materials while incorporating massive parallelization, multiple phase changes, advanced numerical methods, followed by verification and validation. The Telluride Team has also incorporated a substantial multi-physics model (including electromagnetic induction, solid mechanics, flow, heat transfer, and phase changes) to help accomplish its goals.

For example, the Basic Hemi Problem used the following geometry along with TRUCHAS:

Basic Hemi Setup

Using this geometry, the TRUCHAS code was used to model: the preheating of the mold via electromagnetic induction, that heat's spread through the entire mold, the pouring of liquid uranium, its solidification, and cool-down.

Comparing these results to the experimental ones obtained from collaborative LANL foundries, the Telluride Team was able to gauge the accuracy of their physics model.

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